Can certain weather conditions lead to more home runs?

Weather can change the distance a baseball travels by more than 20%. Home Run Forecast quickly shows you if the weather will help or hinder baseball flight during a game. Check out our Premium Subscription for on-demand forecast data by team and game.

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HRF Premium provides on-demand HRF forecast data using up to date weather information along with our trained model. Check out a preview below or view the pricing page for more information.

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HRF forecast value available for each contest, with detailed data throughout the game.

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Current Weather Conditions and HRF Index

The table below shows the Home Run Forecast Index (HRFI) value for each big league ballpark. The HRFI ranges from 1 to 10, with 10 indicating the most favorable weather conditions for ball fight and 1 indicating least favorable. Learn more about how we calculate this index here.

This data is updated hourly at the top of the hour. For ballparks with a retractable roof, the index is calculated for open roof conditions. Check local sources for roof status. For ballparks with a permanent roof, the index is calculated for indoor conditions.

Ballpark Location Sky Cover Temperature (°F) Home Run Forecast Index™
Arlington, TX scattered clouds 95 10
Denver, CO overcast clouds 85 10
Houston, TX scattered clouds 93 10
Kansas City, MO clear sky 86 10
Phoenix, AZ broken clouds 96 10
Anaheim, CA broken clouds 74 8
Baltimore, MD broken clouds 67 8
Cincinnati, OH overcast clouds 73 8
Los Angeles, CA clear sky 76 8
Miami, FL broken clouds 87 8
Oakland, CA clear sky 74 8
San Diego, CA broken clouds 72 8
San Francisco, CA clear sky 70 8
St. Louis, MO scattered clouds 82 8
Atlanta, GA few clouds 77 7
Cleveland, OH overcast clouds 64 7
Pittsburgh, PA light rain 72 6
Mexico City, México clear sky 75 5
Chicago (AL), IL overcast clouds 68 5
Tampa Bay, FL clear sky 88 5
Williamsport, PA scattered clouds 67 5
Chicago (NL), IL overcast clouds 68 4
Detroit, MI overcast clouds 64 4
Dyersville, IA overcast clouds 69 4
Milwaukee, WI overcast clouds 65 4
Minneapolis, MN overcast clouds 70 4
Seattle, WA overcast clouds 58 4
Toronto, ON scattered clouds 65 4
Washington, DC overcast clouds 68 4
Philadelphia, PA overcast clouds 63 3
Queens, NY overcast clouds 64 3
Boston, MA scattered clouds 66 2
Bronx, NY overcast clouds 63 2
Data last updated: 1695930966
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