Monday, May 1st – *Retractable roof usage in big league baseball is weather-dependent and some of the findings are surprising*

By Meteorologist Paul Dorian | May 1, 2023

The Miami Marlins closed their stadium’s retractable roof more than all of the others in 2022 and Seattle had the fewest games played with the rood closed. (Credit Fox Weather) Overview There is one stadium in Major League Baseball (MLB) with a permanent roof and seven stadiums now feature retractable roofs. Retractable roof usage is […]

Sunday, April 23rd – *Another late season cold blast sends temperatures much lower and the Home Run Forecast Index drops as well*

By Meteorologist Paul Dorian | April 23, 2023

Cold air outbreaks continue to make their way from Canada into the US as we progress through late April and it looks like a favorable overall upper-level weather pattern for this to continue right into early May.  A strong cold front at the leading edge of this latest cold air outbreak barreled through the Ohio […]

Friday, April 7th – *Cold blast follows frontal passage into the Great Lakes/Northeast/Mid-Atlantic…California remains chilly…HRFI on the low side in these areas*

By Meteorologist Paul Dorian | April 7, 2023

A strong cold frontal system pushed through the eastern states late Thursday and its passage has ushered in a very chilly air mass for this time of year to the Great Lakes/Northeast/Mid-Atlantic.  In fact, many parts of the northeastern quadrant of the nation will experience temperatures again dropping to or below the freezing mark during […]

Monday, March 27th – *Opening Day is on Thursday, March 30th and it’ll be quite chilly in the Northeast US/Mid-Atlantic and California…some big time rule changes coming this season*

By Meteorologist Paul Dorian | March 26, 2023

Temperatures on Opening Day, Thursday, March 30th will be below-normal in the Northeast US/Mid-Atlantic and California according to the 00Z forecast of the GEM computer forecast model (courtesy Canadian Met Centre). Overview Major League Baseball’s Opening Day for all thirty teams is this Thursday, March 30th and it looks like it may be quite chilly […]

Wednesday 22 March 2023 – *Cold air outbreaks to continue into early April from Northern Plains to Mid-Atlantic/Northeast US…MLB season opens Thursday, March 30th and chilly weather could prevail many spots*

By Meteorologist Paul Dorian | March 22, 2023

Overview Spring has officially sprung and there is some quite mild weather expected during the next couple of days in much of the eastern half of the nation. There are signs, however, that point to additional cold air outbreaks into at least the first week of April from the Northern Plains to the Mid-Atlantic/Northeast US. […]

Tuesday, November 1st – *After last night’s rainout, the weather looks quite favorable in Philly for World Series games 3, 4 and 5*

By Meteorologist Paul Dorian | November 1, 2022

Double-barreled high pressure will take control of the weather in the Mid-Atlantic/Northeast during the next few days generating quite favorable weather conditions in Philly for World Series games 3, 4 and 5 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. Map courtesy NOAA, Overview Last night’s World Series game (#3) in Philadelphia was postponed as rain […]

Monday, October 24th- *World Series games in recent history in which weather played an important role*

By Meteorologist Paul Dorian | October 24, 2022

Photo from Game 4 of the 1997 World Series in Cleveland, Ohio; courtesy Overview In a dramatic rain-filled game on Sunday in Philadelphia, the Phillies clinched the National League championship and will play the Houston Astros in the World Series beginning this Friday night, October 28th.  The weather in Philly on Sunday appeared to […]

Friday, October 7th – *Baseball playoffs begin on a chilly note…cool air mass blasts into the Midwest/Northeast today…Home Run Forecast Index should be on the lower side*

By Meteorologist Paul Dorian | October 7, 2022

Baseball playoffs begin today in the following four cities: Cleveland, St. Louis, Toronto (retractable roof) and New York City (Mets) and the weather will be quite chilly in all locations with likely Home Run Forecast Index values on the lower side of the scale  An unusually chilly air mass (shown in purple, blue on map) […]

Tuesday, September 20th – *A look at the weather conditions and the Home Run Forecast Index as Albert Pujols and Aaron Judge chase history*

By Meteorologist Paul Dorian | September 20, 2022

The chase for history continues tonight for Aaron Judge in New York City as the Yankees play at home against the Pirates and for Albert Pujols in San Diego as the Cardinals play against the Padres.  Aaron Judge has hit 59 home runs and is just two shy from tying Roger Maris for the all-time […]

Wednesday, September 14th – *Aaron Judge slams 56th and 57th HRs on Tuesday night with favorable weather conditions and a high Home Run Forecast Index…a look ahead to the next few games*

By Meteorologist Paul Dorian | September 14, 2022

Aaron Judge hit his 56th and 57th HRs on Tuesday night in Boston as the Yankees defeated the Red Sox in 10 innings by a score of 7-6. This leaves Judge just four home runs shy of tying Roger Maris’ American League single-season record. Judge is currently 20 home runs above anyone else in either […]