Wednesday, September 13th – *An extended stretch of nice fall-like weather for the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic…Home Run Forecast Index will respond accordingly with lower overall values than recent weeks*

By Meteorologist Paul Dorian | September 13, 2023

This snippet comes from the Home Run Forecast premium site ( with the HRFI of “1” circled at 1pm. The Minnesota Twins played a day game today (Wednesday, September 13th) at Target Field in Minneapolis and the temperatures started off in the 50’s with the wind blowing in from right center field. This kind of weather […]

Friday, Sept 1st – *Very warm weather pattern setting up for eastern two/thirds of nation…lots of high HRFI games on the way*

By Meteorologist Paul Dorian | September 1, 2023

Temperatures will climb to well above-normal levels for the next 5-days (Sept 1- Sept 5) [Map courtesy NOAA,] An expansive and strong high pressure system will control the weather across the eastern two/thirds of the nation for the next several days and this includes right through the upcoming long Labor Day weekend. While the […]

Wednesday, August 16th – *Significant tropical moisture a growing threat for southern California and other parts of the SW US…a building heat wave for the central states…big impacts on baseball and the Home Run Forecast Index*

By Meteorologist Paul Dorian | August 16, 2023

(Map courtesy (Dr. Ryan Maue, Twitter), NOAA) There is a growing threat for significant amounts of tropical moisture to flow northward into southern California later this weekend and early next week all associated with an intensifying tropical storm named “Hilary”.  This system could very well intensify into hurricane status and its moisture can bring […]

Monday, July 24th – *Hottest weather of the season so far headed to the Mid-Atlantic/Northeast US…Home Run Forecast Index should climb to very high levels across much of the nation later in the week*

By Meteorologist Paul Dorian | July 24, 2023

  Hot weather has dominated the scene across the southwestern states in recent days, but it is about to expand to the north and east in a significant way. In fact, the hottest weather of the summer season so far is headed to the Mid-Atlantic region and Northeast US for the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday […]

Monday, July 17th – *Relentless wet pattern in eastern 2/3rds of the nation resulting in an uncanny number of rain delays*

By Meteorologist Paul Dorian | July 17, 2023

The wet weather pattern in much of the eastern two/thirds of the nation recently has been relentless with rain delays all over the place. In fact, the last day without a rain delay in any big league stadium was on Friday, July 7th.  Today brings some relief to the eastern seaboard as it should be […]

Friday, July 7th – *Comfortable temperatures in Seattle for the Home Run Derby (Monday) and All-Star Game (Tuesday)…Home Run Forecast Index likely in the “moderate” zone*

By Meteorologist Paul Dorian | July 7, 2023

Major League Baseball will hold its annual Home Run Derby on Monday night, July 10th, and All-Star Game on Tuesday night, July 11th, in Seattle’s T-Mobile Park. It appears the weather will cooperate for both events with little chance of rain and quite comfortable temperatures for this time of year.  In fact, temperatures on both […]

Wednesday June 20th, 2023 – *Wet pattern just getting underway in Mid-Atlantic region…it will be a nuisance for some MLB games in the area….cool weather continues for awhile longer keeping HRFI on the low side*

By Meteorologist Paul Dorian | June 21, 2023

Total precipitation amounts over the next ten days as depicted by the 00Z Euro. Map courtesy ECMWF, Pivotal Weather Overview Lawns were turning brown and soil moisture was at very low levels earlier this month and during the month of May in much of the Mid-Atlantic region.  There have been a couple of rain events […]

Wednesday June 7th, 2023 – *Weather pattern leading to smoky conditions in the NE US/Mid-Atlantic keeping a lid on the HRF Index*

By Meteorologist Paul Dorian | June 7, 2023

A forecast map for early this evening features smoke once again in much of the Mid-Atlantic region and Northeast US. (Map courtesy NOAA) In Tuesday’s night Phillies/Tigers game played at Citizen’s Bank Park in South Philly, Bryce Harper hit a tremendous shot to left center field that looked for sure like it would leave the […]

Saturday, May 20th – *Early season chill has skewed the HRF Index to the “low” side…signs for a late May/early June nationwide warmup (and Higher HRF Index values)*

By Meteorologist Paul Dorian | May 20, 2023

The 00Z ensemble run of the Euro features warmer-than-normal temperatures across a large part of the nation in the 5-day period of May 29-June 3. The 2023 MLB season has just crossed the quarter point and there have been many games played in chilly conditions during the months of April and May. Numerous chilly air […]

Monday, May 1st – *Retractable roof usage in big league baseball is weather-dependent and some of the findings are surprising*

By Meteorologist Paul Dorian | May 1, 2023

The Miami Marlins closed their stadium’s retractable roof more than all of the others in 2022 and Seattle had the fewest games played with the rood closed. (Credit Fox Weather) Overview There is one stadium in Major League Baseball (MLB) with a permanent roof and seven stadiums now feature retractable roofs. Retractable roof usage is […]