Friday, July 7th – *Comfortable temperatures in Seattle for the Home Run Derby (Monday) and All-Star Game (Tuesday)…Home Run Forecast Index likely in the “moderate” zone*

Major League Baseball will hold its annual Home Run Derby on Monday night, July 10th, and All-Star Game on Tuesday night, July 11th, in Seattle’s T-Mobile Park. It appears the weather will cooperate for both events with little chance of rain and quite comfortable temperatures for this time of year.  In fact, temperatures on both days are likely to peak in the middle 70’s and overnight lows should be in the cool middle 50’s. An upper-level trough of low pressure will push east of the region on Monday with partly sunny skies in Seattle and then high pressure ridging edges in on Tuesday likely resulting in mostly sunny skies for the day of the All-Star Game.

The Home Run Forecast (HRF) Index is likely to be in the “moderate” zone during both events given the expectation of high temperatures in the 70’s.  The HRFI is displayed on a scale from 1-10 where 1 indicates the most unfavorable weather conditions for baseballs to travel and 10 represents the most favorable conditions. Whatever the weather (and HRF Index), there are very likely going to be plenty of home runs in the HR Derby on Monday night…both events are scheduled to begin at 8PM ET (5PM local time).

Meteorologist Paul Dorian