Monday, July 17th – *Relentless wet pattern in eastern 2/3rds of the nation resulting in an uncanny number of rain delays*

The wet weather pattern in much of the eastern two/thirds of the nation recently has been relentless with rain delays all over the place. In fact, the last day without a rain delay in any big league stadium was on Friday, July 7th.  Today brings some relief to the eastern seaboard as it should be completely rain-free in places like Baltimore, Maryland where the Orioles play a night game against the LA Dodgers.  There is a chance of shower/thunderstorm activity, however, in the Ohio Valley and western Mid-Atlantic so the games in Pittsburgh (versus Cleveland) and Cincinnati (versus SF) could conceivably, suffer through more in the way of rain delays.

In terms of temperatures, the most noteworthy hot weather  today will be across the southwestern states and certainly the southeast and east coast will stay quite warm and humid. This kind of weather pattern will keep the Home Run Forecast Index (HRFI) on the high side in places like Arlington, Texas (Rangers versus Tampa Bay…roof very likely closed) and Anaheim (Angels versus the Yankees). At the same time, cooler-than-normal air will dominate the Upper Midwest which will keep a lid on the HRFI in places like Chicago for the Cubs games on both Monday and Tuesday nights against the Nationals).