Wed. June 8th – Very hot weather from California-to-Texas will intensify over the next few days and then build eastward early next week…an impact on baseball

…it’ll take quite a bit to match the sustained and extreme heat of the summer of 1980*


Highs temperatures on Friday are likely to reach 100 degrees in Dallas, Texas and this could begin an impressive string of days at or above the century mark. High pressure ridging has been strong in the region from California-to-Texas and it will intensify over the next few days and then build eastward all the into the southeastern states.  It is not unprecedented to see this kind of heat in Texas or other parts of the southern states and Dallas will have a long way to go to match the sustained and extreme heat of the summer of 1980.

Hot weather pattern

Temperatures on Thursday will climb towards the 100 degree mark in Dallas, Texas and quite likely reach or slightly surpass it on Friday. In fact, this could be the beginning of an impressive stretch of weather in northern Texas with at or above 100 degree highs as upper-level high pressure ridging intensifies in the region from California-to-Texas. By the latter part of the weekend and early part of next week, the high pressure ridging will expand eastward bringing hot weather to the Mississippi and Tennessee Valley regions.

This kind of heat during the month of June is not unprecedented for Dallas or other sections of the southern US. The summer of 1980 was quite incredible for its persistent and strong high pressure ridging and extreme heat in much of the south-central US that lasted throughout much of June, July and August.  In fact, the daily high temperatures in Dallas during the period from June 23rd to July 3rd were very impressive as follows: 104, 106, 109, 113, 113, 112, 108, 107, 109, 110, and 109 (credit Meteorologist Ryan Maue, Twitter). There are a few signs that the high pressure ridging that sets up across the south-central US by early next week may shift northward later this month…just too far away to be certain.  Finally, while the southern US from California-to-Georgia experience this upcoming hot weather pattern, the Northwest and Northeast US will continue to have comfortable weather.

Impact on baseball and the Home Run Forecast Index (HRFI) 

There are a couple different impacts this upcoming heat wave will have on baseball at the big league level.  First of all, you can bet the HRF Index will be high suggesting favorable weather conditions for the baseball to carry.  This kind of an impact on the ability of the ball to travel may extend by later next week all the way from the California baseball team locations to Atlanta, Georgia. Another impact this impending heat wave may have is simply to increase dramatically the chances for retractable roofs to be closed during upcoming games where available in places like Phoenix (Diamondbacks), Dallas (Rangers) and Houston (Astros).



The weekend was hot in many parts of the nation and the Home Run Forecast Index was a 10 for five weekend games and here are the results:

Date Location Total Runs # Home Runs
Sat. 6/11 Kansas City 10 1
Sat. 6/11 Atlanta 14 5
Sun. 6/12 Atlanta 8 5
Sun. 6/12 Kansas City 17 6
Sun. 6/12 St. Louis 13 3

Meteorologist Paul Dorian

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